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Fibroids are tumours that grow in the uterus (womb). They are benign, which means they are not cancerous. Fibroids are made up of muscle fibre. Fibroids can be as small as a pea and can grow as large as a melon.

Although the exact cause of fibroids is unknown, they seem to be oestrogen-dependent and tend to develop in women after age of 35. Types of fibroids are described according to their size and position in relation to where they are in the uterus. The most common are the intramural type.

The major symptoms of fibroids which are of concern:

  • Menorrhagia- excessive bleeding  which can cause anemia in the long run. Menorrhagia can be managed via anti-hemorrhagic herbs.
  • If there is pressure in the bowel, it may result in constipation
  • If the pressure is on the bladder it may cause frequent urination. 
  • In severe cases, doctors perform laporoscopy for removal of the fibroids or hysterectomy-total removal of the uterus.

Naturopaths use natural medicine to treat fibroids via diet, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes with considerable success.

NB: The picture on the right shows the the different names of fibroids depending on where they are found in the uterus.



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