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I am a Polytechnic student suffering from Eczema. I have been to many different doctors and specialists to seek treatment for my condition.  However, it did not improve.

One of my lecturers suggested that I seek treatment from Ms Ketki at Natural Therapies Centre.  After having gone through the treatment for about a year, my skin condition has improved dramatically. Thank you, Ms Ketki.

Andy Wee, Polytechnic Student, Feb 2009

When I came in to see you on 19 Nov 2008 I was suffering. My symptoms were debilitative coughing (couldn’t carry a conversation without coughing), breathlessness and periodic gasping for air. I have had this condition in the past and Specialist Doctors have identified it as Bronchitis. This current episode began in September of this year and despite taking antibiotics and a standard cough mixture that was prescribed for me, the above symptoms persisted.

You can imagine how much discomfort I was experiencing, walking just a short distance would render me breathless. In addition, the constant coughing made my lecturing duties at a local Polytechnic extremely exhausting. My symptoms seriously affected my active lifestyle and that’s when I decided to seek your help.

After a brief consultation with you, the source of my condition was determined to be related to my poor digestion. You then prescribed and prepared a custom herbal cough mixture together with the appropriate digestive and healing herbal remedies. More importantly, you identified the source and advised me to avoid certain foods. Believe it or not within 24 hours, after following your advice, I found significant relief, my coughing had stopped!

Thank you very much for relieving my distress and giving me advice on how to deal with the source of my condition so that I have control over my health on a long term basis and enjoy a full and active life.

Bernice Wilson , Polytechnic Lecturer, Nov 2008

I had a very bad cough that would not go away even after trying medications and i didnt want to take antibiotics. I consulted Ketki - and it was amazing how a few simple remedies she asked me to take - did the job . my coughing improved within a few days and i am so thankful to to you, ketki for helping me with the cough naturally!

Irene Chua, Insurance Agent, Feb 2010

MY daughter 18months old Ruchi, had a continuous runny nose that would not stop despite medications and antibiotics. I am so grateful that Ketki just gave me few simple remedies to boost her immune system and Ruchi is so much better now. Thank you ketki!

Charu, Homemaker, May 2010

I was facing some health challenges recently and sought the professional help from Ketki.

My personal experience has been that she is very client-focused, supportive and knowledgeable in her field with a holistic approach to resolve health challenges. The things you may want to keep in mind if you are open to natural medicine is:

It may take a little longer to achieve results, because you are treating the root causes and not the symptoms. In your first consultation with Ketki you would address this point.You must belief and be open to a lifestyle change if you want the results to be sustainable.

It is definitely worth a try, especially if you want to work on allergies, weight loss, low energy & drive and specific ailments especially women's ailments. .

Vanessa Katte, Life coach, April 2010

I had been experiencing problems with my gut for a long time. I often experienced indigestion and found myself burping frequently before and/or after meals. Apart from the physical discomfort, it was an embarrassing problem, which persisted for years.

I have seen countless doctors but the medication they prescribed only brought temporary relief. What I was looking for was a long-term cure, which none of the doctors were able to offer. I decided to visit Ketki after listening to her speak at an event and I'm glad I did.

After discussing my condition, she opened my eyes to the fact that there were lifestyle changes I had to make, without which my condition wouldn't improve. I was told to cut coffee and tea out of my diet. She also prescribed some herbal supplements. It's been slightly over a month since my first session with Ketki and I'm glad to report that my condition has improved by leaps and bounds! I no longer feel the need to burp frequently and I don't experience indigestion any more. Thanks Ketki for your good advice and accurate prescription of herbal supplements! Best Regards

Diana Loo, Director, Silver Lining Magazine, Oct 2010

It used to take e a week on allopathic medicine to recover from a runny nose and sore throat. It was such a pleasant surprise whent these conditions disappeared in a couple of days after I embarked on your simple treatment of high doses of vitamin C coupled with home remedies. Many thanks, Ketki. Cheers

Prema Viswanathan, Deputy managing editor-Asia, ICIS, Singapore, Oct 2010

Over the past few years I have been referred to numerous specialists including a well  - known endocrinologist to seek treatment for exceedingly low thyroid hormone levels. Despite taking numerous courses of hormone supplements my hormone levels continued to fall leaving me feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate.

Finally in desperation I decided to explore alternative medicines and visited Ketki for a consultation. The initial consultation was quite a revelation as it was a whole new way of looking at healing the body. Now several months, two detox sessions and a few courses of natural supplements later I’m feeling both physically and mentally better than I have in years.

Further proof in the pudding was the results of my latest set of blood tests that showed that my hormone levels have been increasing and are nearly within the normal range.

Helen Bolt, Singapore, Accounts Manager, Nov 2010

'When I first went to see Ketki I was exhausted, over weight and lacked concentration due to a constant 'fog' over my head. After 1 month I am now feeling 100% better with a new clarity and 'spring' in my step . I have lost 7kg!. Thanks to removing a number of items from my diet I am seeing this change continue to improve and have promised myself not to go back.'

Kate Jacey, HR Manager, Singapore, Apr 2011

Early Jan 2011, I started having coughs which would then become a cold  and then switch back to a cough. Having a good sleep was not possible as I would wake myself coughing and choking. The coughing usually became much worse in the evenings. I also developed a slight eczema on my arms. The doctors prescribed cough mixture or anti-histamines, Cough mixtures made me groggy and i refused to believe i needed to be on anti-histamines long term. This went on for a good 3 months.

A friend recommended me to visit a Naturopath for natural healing. I googled and found Natural Medicine's website and made an appointment to see Ms ketki. After a detailed discussion on symptoms and my surrounding elements, Ms ketki explained to me her perspective of my condition and recommended a special detox which eliminated certain foods.

I did this diet for 14 days and coupled with supplements that Ms ketki gave me, I was able to feel a marked difference in my symptoms. Although i did not follow the diet in the strictest manner, I was still able to benefit from it and have been symptom free for over a month now. The eczema has also improved. Overall I am eating more healthily with this added knowledge of what is good for my body and what is not.

Thank you and i hope more people have confidence in natural healing!

May Yee, Finance Manager, Singapore, May 2011

For a number of years I had been having recurrent fungal thrush - went through courses of clotrimazole treatment just to get rid of the itching. But it kept coming back and it was always very uncomfortable. Apart from that I had always had skin problems - acne, eczema, and occasionally my back would break out with itchy pimples and would take months to subside, and i also had some on the stomach, and some skin rash/itch on the face.

I had poor bowel movement, it had never been regular for years and recurrent sinusitis. Not only this but I would go through each day in a haze. My mind always seemed to be fogged and my skin would feel itchy even when there was nothing wrong with it. But I thought all this was normal considering that I had been going through it for years. I would also have numbness in my calves and migraines that would last for days.All these issues gave me great anxiety which was affecting how I managed my life. I was tired of feeling the way i was for such a long time, and I knew something wasn't right.

I sought out Ketki to help me out. She guided me in understanding what the root of the problem was and amazingly by just modifying my diet I started to notice improvements in my health. For instance, my bowel movement became regular, digestive issues like bloating improved tremendously, along with the skin issues on the face. The pimples on the back and stomach were almost gone, less itchy and were not filled with pus as they previously did.

All this has helped to improve my state of mind, am less anxious and sleep much better. The fungal symptoms I presented went away and I managed to learn what would trigger them and how to manage them. I know have a deeper understanding for my body and I feel so much fresher as compared to before. I am not as panicked and worrisome. It may be a challenge to get to where you want to go, but in the end the result is more than worth it!

Catherine, Ballet Teacher, Singapore, May 2011

I was suffering from PMS but didn’t really think that my symptoms fitted this label. I would get very stressed / annoyed with people walking at me in the MRT stations and on the street, felt tired a lot of the time, angry with all sorts of people and small things could upset me. I had talked to my sister a little during a visit and After watching a movie with her and getting upset during it (whilst even she was ok) she said to me I needed to do something (she had had a similar problem and had visited her doctor and got herself sorted  in New Zealand. It did take me a while and lots of procrastination to find the right option and finally decided on a naturopath, looked up the internet and found Ketki.

With the questions she asked during the first consultation, it helped me to identify what it was I was feeling and assured me it wasn’t normal and there was a solution. She gave me some options which at first I didn’t think I could cope with and felt overwhelmed by everything.

However after a day or so to think about it ,  I did follow through with the recoomended 3 week detox diet along with various supplements & herbs to support my hormone levels throughout and have been feeling much better ( and my periods have become more regular). I do feel a little more sensitive the week before my period but don’t get weepy or overly stressed and rarely get the headaches I used to. I have been a little more careful about what I am eating but haven’t changed my diet totally. Ketki was very supportive and respected my lifestyle and advised according to what I was capable of and wanted to do. My family have noticed the difference, a positive result for all!

Carmel Bank, Teacher, Singapore, Aug 2011

Ketki ran a very well received program at our annual SingTel Learning Fiesta this year called " Managing Your Cool- Naturally". More than 100 people in NCS, and more at Singtel, enjoyed the interesting session, learning how to use natural elements to enhance their well-being. We appreciate her enthusiastic support of our program

Eric Phan, Senior Manager, Learning & Organization Development., NCS Pte Ltd, 18 Nov 2011

When I got my diagnosis of hypothyroidism I had little choice: The classic way to treat it are drugs.
However I wanted to address the underlying causes of my hypothyroidism and not just treat the symptoms via drugs. It is like you cut away the brown leaves of a plant, instead of removing the worm that is eating its roots.

I wanted to give my body the chance to heal itself and so I began to search for a different  option.  After some research I found your homepage, Ketki.

I contacted you and I had my  first consultation I was impressed by your knowledge about the whole body system. You asked me lots of questions about my life to find out, and explained tome the various factors that could contributed to me having  hypothyroidism.
You put me on a strict diet for 3 weeks and gave me supplements and herbs to support the treatment. The first week was really awful, the second week went better, in the 3rd week I felt being able to go on like this forever (just joking).

I was glad, when the strict diet was over, but I was even happier about the result. In these three weeks I detoxed my whole body and I felt clean from the inside out.

During three months I was treated by you, Ketki. You put me on supplements/herbs and advised me how to eat right, you also thought me the important technique called EFT to handle my emotions. You showed me that body and mind always work together and for being healthy it is important to take care of both.

Step by step I felt better: I was relieved from the sickness in my stomach. I was able to breath freely, the tiredness got less.  After three months I did the thyroid blood test as you instructed  to see what the results would show.  My values became a lot better and are almost normal now. Imagine how glad I was!

Now I will return home to Europe but I will keep in touch with you. I want to thank you for being such a competent and sensitive doctor and for really taking care of me. I will continue to follow your advice and I have confidence  that I wlll be able to deal with hypothyroid with your help.

Christine Mader, Student, May 2012

My daughter aged 12, has been having asthma , eczema and allergic rhinitis since childhood. She has to be constantly on western medication to manage her sickness. We have tried other alternative treatments but was not able to treat her  problems. We consulted Ms. Ketki for her illness. Her conditions improved dramatically within a month of taking the supplements and managing her lifestyle. She was able to concentrate more in her studies and has not have a single asthma attack. Thank you for treating her and taking a keen interest in her well being.

Selvasegaran dorairajoo , June 2012

I had been trying to lose my pregnancy weight for a few years and had been unsuccessful. Coupled with that I also had my cholesterol to control.

Ketki introduced me to a weight management program that has not only helped me lose weight but also become healthier. She guided me throughout the program on food and nutrition, which helped me to make the lifestyle changes I needed. I feel great and I'm full of energy now. When I receive compliments about the way I look, I have Ketki to thank.

Charu Shah, Professional Photographer, Sept 2012 - http://www.charusphotography.com/

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid caused by Graves Disease (GD in short) in mid May 2012. My FreeT4 readings were 58 at the point of diagnosis with severely suppressed TSH. (Normal range for FreeT4 should be between 9-19) and I started on Carbimazole immediately. Two weeks into the Carbimazole treatment my FreeT4 fell to 29 but it was still out of range. It was an improvement but it wasn’t enough. Another 4 weeks later it was only down to 21 and the endocrinologist said it is not good enough it needs to be within the normal range. I was desperate to improve because I really wanted the horrible symptoms of insomnia, heart palpitations, weight & muscle loss, anxiety to go away. I read up so much on the internet about alternative treatments and I summed it up to two routes which I could take. 1) The natural healing with changes in diet & supplements, basically the western outlook and 2) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I decided on route 1) natural healing and found Ketki after much research on the internet and her website. People around me were a little apprehensive to the idea of this natural healing and they felt that it might be a waste of time. I met Ketki for the first time and found her to be knowledgeable and professional. She explained to me that the natural healing program will target on improving my digestive system and giving support to my liver and immune system. Due to the hyperthyroid state, the body is going through an inflammatory state. Ketki put me on a strict diet for 2 weeks and oh boy, my first week was a great challenge in looking for the right foods to eat. I started having headaches and little pimples started popping out on my forehead. I realized that my body was detoxing and I felt good. In the second week of the strict diet, I coped  much better and was beginning to like the diet. This taught me how to choose my foods wisely because everything that you put into your body has great impact on one’s overall health. I started reading food labels before buying them and began to be more aware of a balanced diet intake. At the same time, Ketki also put me on a whole load of supplements. It felt like I was popping pills every minute, but it was necessary to support my digestive system, liver and immune system. Besides all the advise for the physical part, Ketki also shared with me about the emotional bit where stress comes to place and causes the hyperthyroid to become worse. She was very encouraging all the time telling me to be patient and not be too stressed.

My last visit to the doctor in late August 2012 showed great improvement and the endocrinologist was happy. The FreeT4 levels were normal and TSH was also coming up. Usually the TSH does not show changes so quickly but it did for me. I felt that going through this natural healing program was worth it. The people around me started believing in it when they saw that I recovered so quickly.

I have decided to embark on a gluten & dairy free diet going forward for the rest of my life and I hope for a relapse free state of my Graves Disease.  It is a constant reminder to slow down and not be too stressed in life. Now I practice yoga & meditation 20-30 mins every other day and exercise 4 days a week. Lastly, on a personal note I felt that having a religion is also important. It is believing in the healing power of God which helped me persevere’

Thank you Ketki! J

Ms Gan Su Yin, Associate Banker, 29 years old,  Sept 2012 
I came to Ketki to because I was suffering from a serious case of  constipation.
My visits to the bathroom have always been long and irregular since i was very young. But I finally decided to have
it treated only recently, at age 27.

When I saw ketki she put me on a rigorous diet and natural  supplements for about two months.  I must say the
treatments have improved my condition significantly. I now go to the bathroom daily. This is the first time in my life
that I have such regular movements  daily.

Along with it, came improvements in my sleep and skin. Following her advice i make having regular and adequate
sleep my priority. Previously i needed to clear my skin of blackheads and whiteheads weekly.
Nowadays, I only do it monthly, and i am sure it will improve even more over time.

ketki is a very knowledgeable Naturopath and I truly appreciate her dedication to her patients. Thanks for your help
ketki, You are tough:-)) but I am very happy with my improved conditions. I also appreciate that you always give
consideration to my financial needs.  I will see you soon!

Linda Soelystio, Graphic Designer, 27 Years, Oct 2012. 

I sought out Ketki when I needed burping, bloating  and endometriosis and frequent rounds of antibiotics for my stomach upsets. Ketki told me I needed to do a detox diet.  While it was a commitment but it very effectively dealt with the bloating I saw that my skin was better. She recommended supplements to help with hormone regulation and the detox diet helped with better absorption of my iron tablets, and my haemoglobin went back to normal. I am grateful to Ketki for her care and recommendations during this period. Shedesires the best for her clients

Thank you Ketki.
Tara , Administrator, Feb 2013

My name is Liza and I am 36 year old. I work in an international company and have a hectic work schedules. My diet wasnt exactly great and around May 2012 i went through hormonal imbalances and started to lose hair in
big amounts, Alopecia Arietta (Bald patch) I saw Ketki and in 3 months time, after a diet and supplementation
programme, my hair has grown back and is thick and black and this was achieved without any drugs or hair transplants. Thanks ketki.

Liza Mohd, Operations Talent Acquisition, SAP, Mar 2013

I had a sudden outbreak of acne for about 6 months. I went to National Skin Center and was prescribed Accutane. While it cleared some of the acne, new ones kept appearing everyday. My weight also dropped a lot on the Accutane course, not to mention a host of other side effects like weakened vitality.

The side effects I was experiencing made me decide to try out other natural alternatives. I am very glad that I made the right decision to consult Ketki on my problem. By following Ketki's supplementation and diet plans, I made a 95% recovery in 3 months without the horrifying side effects of Accutane. So to all Acne sufferers out there, please try out Ketki's consultation first. It really works.

Mr Ng, Finance Executive, 29

I was suffering from GERD which caused me to lose my voice for 2 years. I had tried Chinese medicine, western medicine and even went for a surgery but still couldn't recover fully. I was referred to Ketki by my speech therapist and within 2 months was feeling much better. I had a check on my throat and the doctor said that it has fully recovered. Although I might get reflux if I eat the wrong things now and then, it is definitely a much improvement now.

Shemuel Yeo, 21, Army, Sept 2013 

After 4 months living in Singapore I started to have some symptoms like tiredness, stomach bloating, bad digestion and constipation. had made a appointment with Ketki , I took her advice and followed her diet rigorously.

After a few months of the treatment, I noticed I was feeling better and the symptoms were reduced, although, they had not complete disappeared. Therefore we both agreed to do some lab test to discover exactly what is going on with me. As soon as Ketki had seen my test`s results, she started treating me accordingly.

Three months later, I was feeling better and almost all the symptoms disappeared completely and finally I was cured. Nowadays, I am still taking the supplements and following the diet as a precaution and to prevent further sickness.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ketki for helping me achieve better health.

Monica Kennedy, 35yrs, Nov 2013

At the start of 2013, I started developing bad rashes and itchiness on my arms and legs. It would get so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night scratching and unable to go back to sleep. I consulted my general practitioner a few times but each time was prescribed with anti-histamines and steroid cream but the rash did not go away.

AI decided to try natural healing and found Ketki. She has prescribed supplements, as well as, advised me to change my diet. It has now been about 4 months and I am very happy that 95% of the rashes have gone away. As a good side benefit, my bloatedness/gassiness has also reduced dramatically and generally I feel much healthier than before.

Sha-ron Low, 44, HR manager, Jan 2014

Ketki put me on 3 week detox along with various supplements & herbs to support my hormone levels throughout and I am feeling much better and my periods have become more regular. I do feel a little more sensitive the week before my period but donít get weepy or overly stressed and rarely get the headaches I used to. I have been a little more careful about what I am eating but havenít changed my diet totally. Ketki was very supportive and respected my lifestyle and advised according to what I was capable of and wanted to do. My family have noticed the difference, a positive result for all!

Nikita Rai, IT consultant, Dec 2014  

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease on. I experienced all the symptoms - heart palpitation, mood swing, belching, anxiety, tiredness, muscle loss . Doctors in TTSH prescribed the drug Carbimazole in high dosage immediately to bring down my thyroid Free T4. I had blood test done every 3 months , I also had a big goiter as well 2 nodules detected via ultrasound & i felt conscious my eyes tend to bulge in size. The medical doctor kept telling me that there is no cure and suggested surgery as the best option. This gave me unnecessary stress as I know radioactive treatment will not solve the root problem since. I came across Ketkiís website and reading her patients' testimonial gave me new hope.
I started my treatment with Ketki in 12/2/2014, I took her advice and started off with 3 weeks strict diet and struggled with it till end of 3 weeks.

On 20/2/2014, I had a blood test done for Vita D and its reading was 19.28 (Insufficient) proposed by Ketki. Back then I was still faithfully taking Carbimazole but at a reduced dosage. Needless to say my thyroid report speaks for itself during my treatment session with Ketki. For the 1st time after a year, TSH result was amazing!!!

21/07/2014- i started reducing my Carbimazole dose

03/11/2014- Carbimazole dose lowered further

28/02/2015- Remission from Carbimazole for 4 months from 21/07/2014

Presently, my goiter is still visible but swelling subsided significantly. Right eye has resumed back to normal size. One nodule has been reduced. I am not taking Carbimazole. Ketki Ďs encouragement is one that I value most especially when I text her about the negative comments and report from doctor. TTSH doctor is still concluding that I should opt for surgery. I will look forward to my next positive report and ultrasound scan for nodule end of May 2015. From all these physical observation, there is improvement to my condition. I certainly recommend Ketki to you when it comes to alternative to surgery. Thanks for teaching and guiding me how to eat wisely.

Florence Tay, Account/Administrator, March 2015 

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