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Holistic assessment
Consultation includes information on your diet, lifestyle, family background and environment, as well as the history of your illness or complaint. This range of information is important to discover the cause of the illness and treat you as a whole person, rather than target the symptoms alone. As well as taking a comprehensive health history, Ketki employs a range of non-invasive techniques and these include but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice – this is one of naturopathy’s foundations. A poor diet stops the body from functioning well and a build-up of toxins can contribute to a range of illnesses. Whole, fresh and unprocessed foods are recommended. Supplements will also be recommended depending on each patient’s case.

  • Herbal medicine – herbs are as potent as pharmaceutical drugs and can be used to great effect.

  • Homeopathy – homeopathic treatments are used to stimulate the immune system. She practices homeopathy to deal with acute symptoms.

  • Iridology – iris analysis used as a diagnostic tool

  • Touch For Health – Muscle testing can be used in many instances eg to check if a particular supplement works for you.
  • Aromatherapy – oils can be recommended to augment healing

  • Flower Essences – Bach and Bush flower essences –to help cope with emotional issues

  • Counseling techniques – emotional problems and stress can interfere with the healing process. Counseling techniques can include stress management strategies and life coaching.

Ketki also employs other assessment techniques, when necessary such as:

  • Live Blood analysis

  • urine analysis

  • Hair analysis.- to assess heavy metal toxicity

  • Refer to doctor for blood tests when required


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